LIFE Ecodigestion 2.0 declares its engagement to raise awareness of the growing concerns of the climatic crisis on International Mother Earth Day.

Planet Earth is our only home. Being conscious of this and acting on it, has become one of the core purposes of the International Community in the last decade, particularly for the European Union. It is crucial not only to be aware of that matter but also to spread this awareness worldwide. All actors should manifest their commitment to safeguarding our ecosystems. 

In 2009, the United Nations General Assembly declared the 22nd of April as International Mother Earth Day. This day aims to point out that “the Earth and its ecosystems are our home” and that is “necessary to promote harmony with nature and the Earth”. The label Mother Earth reflects the “interdependence that exists among human beings, other living species, and the planet we all inhabit”.

This year, the point at issue is “to raise awareness about the growing concerns of overpopulation, loss of biodiversity, and depleting quality of the environment”.

LIFE Ecodigestion 2.0 contributes to the International Mother Day policy objectives and statements. To this extent, LIFE Ecodigestion 2.0 is implicated to generate green energy, respecting nature and maintaining its balance, reducing water pollution load and greenhouse gas emissions. The tool developed in the project enables to control of on-demand biogas production in digesters that treat sewage sludge, food waste, and manure. By these means it helps to guard our ecosystems, owing to the correct treatment of wastewater. Our project gives a circular solution to a large amount of organic waste. 

The objectives and the expected results of LIFE Ecodigestion 2.0 run in concordance with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations as well as the European Green Deal

Let’s work together on reducing net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030! We bet on fresh air, clean water, healthy soil, and biodiversity. Moving forward a globally competitive and resilient industry.