Today, April 27th, from our European project LIFE ECODIGESTION 2.0, we want to highlight the importance of promoting ICT subjects in education as well as the role of girls in this field. The international Information and Communications Technology Day was an initiative of the ITU Member States in the Plenipotentiary resolution. The aim was creating a global environment that empowers women and encourages them to pursue studies and careers in the field of ICT. This is of crucial importance, since the teaching of these subjects in the educational system is an added value for the professional future of these young women. Technological resources are becoming more and more frequent and necessary, so it is essential to keep society updated from an early age.

From LIFE ECODIGESTION 2.0 we are very proud to have inspired the Comen 2.0 project, helping the group of four girls from the Abecé school in Gandía to win the challenge on organic waste reuse, contributing to the circular economy model, to the generation of green energy and thus promoting compliance with the directives of the European Green Pact. The competition was carried out within the framework of the Technovation Girls program, the largest international technological entrepreneurship competition for girls.

In short, LIFE ECODIGESTION 2.0 intends to continue exploiting its potential as an inspiring project, encouraging future projects and initiatives carried out by girls and women, with the aim of increasing their presence and training in STEAM and ICT careers.