LIFE ECODIGESTION 2.0 congratulates all the participants on such meaningful and prodigious contribution! It was a big pleasure to see all of you reunited, sharing your experience and knowledge with us. We are also happy to announce that the main purpose concerning this event was successfully achieved! We wanted potential futureLIFE Programme projects to learn around it at a greater extent. We wanted them to get closer to the ones who have already shaped their path, to get first-hand experience and to gain the necessary confidence and real prospect on it. And this is exactly what happened! Keep scrolling down and you will find all the updates and distinguished moments of our encounter!

Celebrating EU GREEN WEEK 2022 this time was a big deal! The present year’s environment policy celebration is remarkable due to its meaningful context. Focused on the EU GREEN DEAL aimed direction, which involves: no net emissions of greenhouse gases by 2050; economic growth decoupled from resource use; no person and no place left behind. And last but not least, this year LIFE Programme turned 30 in a frame of the European Year of Youth! Thus, we managed to oversee the aforesaid, providing a representative portrayal of this extraordinary occasion.

Our so long-awaited event “#LIFE30: Gathering Successful Ongoing & Former Projects on Circular Economy by LIFE ECODIGESTION 2.0”, was moderated by Adrián Noheda, LIFE ECODIGESTION’s 2.0 Project Manager. Right after its inauguration, our guest César Seoánez –  LIFE Programme Project Manager at CINEA, exposed to the audience the most explicit and straight–forward LIFE’s 2021 – 2027 Programme information. Giving instructions on how to prioritize the topic and the set-up for the #CallforProposals2022. In addition, he remarked on outstanding LIFE projects in order to inspire and trigger the audience.

Best part? Our LIFE’s projects guests! Who had a chance to exchange their opinions and viewpoints about being a LIFE Programme project. The most acclaimed and prominent statements could be summarized into three aspects. Strong team is highly important, an accurate and meticulous reading of the proposal and, definitely a rigorous budget planning.

This time, we also had a pleasure of being joined by Finnova’s Foundation CEO – Juan Manuel Revuelta, who gave his significant input to our gathering, by mentioning his experience and involvement within LIFE Programme.

In case that you missed the chance of attending our event or if you would like to go back to it, in order to reinforce and emphasize your knowledge! Our event is available on YouTube! So don’t hesitate and check it out HERE!

We genuinely believe that we contribute in our best way in order to build a strong and committed community, conscious about the worldwide daily environment matters! We are looking forward to cooperate with everyone who participated in the nearby future!