Brussels, 19 August 2021 – European Sustainable Energy Week takes place this year from 25 to 29 October with the aim of raising public awareness with actions and activities around energy efficiency, renewable energy and the key role of citizens in the energy transition. LIFE Ecodigestion 2.0 is a European project that encompasses an automatic control system for the dosing of organic waste in anaerobic digesters of WWTPs to maximise the production of biogas on demand as renewable energy. LIFE Ecodigestion 2.0 is committed to making the use of biogas a reliable energy source to cover industrial energy demand as green energy to meet the European Union’s target of at least 27% of energy from renewable sources by 2030. This methodology is particularly interesting in Europe, where there are 18,000 sewage treatment plants and where the energy cost is 0.8 %. The project started on 01/09/2020 and will run until 29/02/2024, with Global Omnium Medioambiente as the main coordinator and Finnova Foundation and the Portuguese consortium Águas do Centro Litoral as partners. Its budget is more than 970,000 euros. More information about our event: