The EU Comission visitedLIFE ECODIGESTION 2.0 pilot plant – Quart-Benàger, in Valencia, Spain.  We had a chance to update on our project’s movements, advances and progress. Our project’s experts mentioned a set of crucial information regarding biogas production. The point is that it depends on the type of the waste, and all of them require a different research and treatment approach. In that sense, we have a picture of slurry variability. The main purpose nowadays in the research frame of our project is to characterize it. As ours Global Omnium experts affirm “we need to transform tests into mathematical equations, in order to know what the amount of biogas will be at any given moment”. In this way, we are excited to announce that we are on our way to discover the most efficient and effective way of #wastetreatment, producing biogas on low demand!


As a LIFE Program successful project, we are also extremely excited about its 30th Anniversary. We will be able to commemorate it in our upcomingGREEN WEEK 2022 event – “Gathering Successful Former & Ongoing Circular Economy Projects, by LFE ECODIGESTION 2.0”! Taking its place in Valencia, Spain and also available via zoom. You will have a chance to hear institutions representatives, outstanding LIFE projects and, current ones, sharing their insights in a coactive atmosphere!


LIFEprogramme’sEULife22 Call for proposals is open already! And due to that occasion, we would like to encourage you to join theEuropean Union Life 2022 Info Daysalready available until the 20th of May. We are deeply committed with helping the European Union reaching its Green Deal goals, and our intentions is to inspire you to do the same.


During this month our project has been mentioned in several compelling and far-reaching events! The CEO of Finnova Foundation Juan Manuel Revuelta, gave an uplifting speech on radio Ecogestiona. In this occasion, exposing the details on LIFE’s Program 2022 call, which is as you all know a unique European financial instrument dedicated to environment and climate action. Indeed, LIFE ECODIGESTION 2.0 was given as an example of fruitful initiative.

Our project also had an opportunity to be quoted in the conference of Circular Economy and Waste Prevention” in the Environmental Complex of La Vega. Here, speakers updated on the urgent matters of waste treatment, circular economy and waste reduction. In this gathering, the need of new proposals with innovative solutions, has been revealed!


We are getting closer to magnificent events, and we could not be more excited about that! Follow us on our social media TWITTER & LINKEDIN  – so you can join and enjoy our matters!