•  European Union consumes one fifth of the world’s energy
  • LIFEECODIGESTION 2.0 is born to support the production of biogas as green energy

On November 1st, the “World Ecology and Ecologists Day” is celebrated, a date that was created to recognise Ecology as a scientific discipline and the importance of caring for the planet. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations make the importance of ecology in global decision-making on the protection of the planet increasingly visible.

Over the past few years, ecology has gained global relevance as the consequences of human impact on the environment, such as rising temperatures, the destruction of biodiversity, air and water pollution and the global water crisis, have become increasingly visible. As well as the population growth, it is predicted that by 2050 more than 20% of natural ecosystems could be lost due to increased demand for resources.

The European Union consumes a fifth of the world’s energy and is also one of the world’s largest energy importers. However, reserves are depleting and new forms of sustainable and affordable energy must be found to meet the green energy transition, as well as to ensure the EU’s energy independence.  Therefore, the LIFECODIGESTION 2.0 project is a great tool capable of contributing to the above mentioned objectives. Through the production of biogas (through the use of waste and mixtures processed in anaerobic digesters of WWTPs), being a project that is committed to a form of renewable energy and an ecological and energetic transition.