On August 9, the CEO of the Finnova Foundation and LIFE ECODIGESTION 2.0 associate, Juanma Revuelta, took the stage as our project ambassador in the II Meeting for Agroecological revaluation – RACV02022 “Merging tradition and new farming technological innovation”, in Horteta de Greta. The meeting aimed to set out the priorities and novelties in this business field to keep an eye on in forthcoming months.

Participants included the Head for Rural Development, David Torres García, authorities from Generalitat Valenciana, the Organic Agriculture Committee (CAECV), the National Organic Hotel and Catering Certification Body, professionals from the culinary sector, organizers of farming and livestock fairs such as TERRA ECO – Valencia-, MEDITERRANEA GASTRONOMA -Alicante-, ORGANIC FOOD IBERIA -Madrid-, representatives of town councils and enterprises, the College of Agricultural Engineers, professionals from the academic world, representatives of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, the ambassador of Technovation Girls and other outstanding personalities.

Revuelta spoke about the project as a successful story in agri-food waste management. The work of our plant raised the interest among attendees from the agricultural sector, featuring its Km 0 technology, developed in Valencia by Global Omnium, on-demand biogas is produced together with organic fertilizer with WWTP sludge, implementing a system based on the circular economy model.

In this sense, Finnova’s CEO also pitched several European funding opportunities, such as the NextGenerationEU Funds and the LIFE Programme, which budgets at 5.4 billion euros for the 2021-2027 period, allocated to environmental and energy transition projects.

Additionally, the Agritech Food StartUp Europe Awards 2022 were officially launched through the European Commission’s StartUp Europe Awards, which aims to reward innovative projects and ideas committed to sustainability and digitization in the bio-agriculture sector. Winners will be granted with a training programme on European funds and projects at the Finnova Foundation in Brussels, as well as being introduced at the Smart Agrifood Summit 2022 at FYCMA, on 29 and 30 September.