The Forum, held in Tunis, is a platform open to all stakeholders interested in efficient and sustainable water management in the Mediterranean region

The Foundation will create synergies and networking for LIFE ECOdigestion 2.0 together with other European projects related to water and climate change

Next week, from 5 to 7 February, the Finnova Foundation will attend the 5th. Mediterranean Water Forum to be held in Tunis to present the projects related to water and climate change in which it is a partner. The Forum will be a unique opportunity to meet professionals from different countries sharing their knowledge, experiences and ideas to find innovative solutions to water-related challenges

Finnova will have a stand to showcase projects related to water management and protection, and on Tuesday 6 February from 9h00 to 10.30 am (CET), it will take part in the session “WEFE Nexus: Water/Energy/Food/Environment”. The CEO of the Finnova Foundation, Juanma Revuelta, and the Director of European Funds, Juan Viesca, will present a total of 4 projects: LIFE ECOdigestion 2.0, Horizon ONE-BLUE, Horizon RES4CITY and LIFE COSTAdapta.

LIFE ECOdigestion 2.0 at the V. Mediterranean Water Forum

The common thematic framework of water sustainability and regional cooperation for the development of innovative solutions make the essence of the LIFE ECOdigestion 2.0 project and the objective of the forum in Tunis converge on the importance of sustainable water management in the Mediterranean context, underlining the relevance of initiatives that seek to enhance cooperation and dialogue between different actors to address water challenges in the Mediterranean region.

About LIFE ECOdigestion 2.0

LIFE ECOdigestion 2.0 is a pilot demonstration project, funded by LIFE Programme and with a budget of more than 970,000 EUR, which generates biogas in sewage treatment plant digesters by mixing putrescible organic waste (slurry, poultry, organic fractions, MSW, horeca, etc.), thus transforming sewage sludge into green energy through technology. The initiative led by Global Omnium, (Spain), in collaboration with the Finnova Foundation (Belgium) and Águas do Centro Litoral (Portugal) aims to become the most versatile digestion control tool on the market, achieving environmental and economic benefits through the production of biogas by making optimal use of waste. Thanks to this technology, it favours the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and the use of sewage sludge generated in wastewater treatment processes, thus achieving a positive impact on the environment. This programme is easily scalable with other funds such as FEDER, NextGenerationEU or RePowerEU.