by Life | Nov 24, 2021 

On 24 November, the technical coordinator of the LIFE Ecodigestion 2.0 project and head of the Quart-Benàger WWTP process, María José Tárrega, presented the latest technical results obtained in the project at the 9th Conference on the management and treatment of WWTP sludge, organized by the Environmental Biotechnology group of the University of Barcelona. In this presentation, the slurry degradation kinetics calculated from the batch tests carried out at laboratory scale were presented. The kinetics have been calculated from two different methodologies, through the ks constant and by means of the Gompertz equation and NLS, obtaining as main results the optimal slurry dose in the digestate under study to achieve maximum productions while maintaining the stability of the digester and a good adjustment of the kinetics to the empirical values.

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